The country is bracing itself for a icy week and insurer NFU Mutual is advising property managers and landlords to prepare their property for freezing temperatures.

The average cost of leaks caused by freezing pipes is £4700.

As temperatures fall The Good Estate Agent has the following tips to safeguard your home:

1. Make sure you know the location of your stop cock. In the event of a leak your first action should be to isolate the mains supply and limit damage.
2. If you’re property is empty you should consider draining the system. Turn off the stop cock and drain both the hot and cold water.
3. Get insulated! You can reduce the chance of frozen pipes by ensuring your property and pipes are properly insulated.
4. Keep the heating on. Even if the property is empty keep the heating run and just set the thermostat to a low temperature. We suggest no lower than 10 degrees.
5. Keep your property maintained. Ensure the boiler is serviced and the plumbing is all in good working order to reduce your risk.