Well it’s not quite nuclear yet but the property market has certainly sprung into action since the election result came in.

Our properties have been selling faster than ever with some sold within hours of instruction and at full asking price.

It is likely we will see an increase in property prices with demand high and stock levels reducing every day. The market is in desperate need of fresh properties to come on for sale.

Rob Bryer, Sales Director at The Good Estate Agent said “We have cash buyers literally lining up for the right property”

“We focus on looking after our buyers and understanding their needs. This means we can match them to properties before they even get on the books”

The letting market is also hot right now with more tenants than properties available. This is also keeping the rental prices high and with mortgage rates at an all time low it’s still a great time to be a Buy to Let investor.

Ultimately there is a lack of supply as has been identified, but building new properties takes time. And it is not just about building the properties. You have to get the

infrastructure in place first and this can take a long time to put in place. The chances of supply catching up with demand any time soon looks increasingly unlikely.

If you have been thinking of selling your property then now is a great time to get on the market. Give us a call on 01303 647221 for a free market appraisal.

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