Now that autumn has set in, with the shorter, darker and not to mention wetter days taking hold, it’s time to prioritise a few things around the home. But where should you start?

Fallen Leaves

As beautiful the colours of fallen leaves are at this time of year, they can be a real menace blocking drains and guttering. Now is the time to clear your guttering of leaves, twigs and moss and get any broken guttering fixed to prevent leaks when it rains which will in turn cause internal problems with damp. Equally, it’s a good time to keep your eye on your drains and clear them of any leaves, grass cuttings or anything else that has washed into them, ensuring a blockage free autumn and winter.


Now it’s getting colder, make a point of checking your home for draughts. Check for gaps around windows and doors, loft hatches and pipes that lead outside. It’s relatively cheap to draught proof your home using expandable sealant in holes and using self adhesive foam tape around windows and doors. This also has the bonus of reducing your heating bills. The less heat that escapes, the more that is kept within your home, keeping it warming for longer.

Boiler Servicing

Having your boiler serviced as we go into autumn will help prevent issues as the weather turns even colder. Get ahead of the rush when pipes start to freeze as we head into winter and book your boiler service in now. Not only will your boiler be serviced, but your entire heating system, including your radiators will be checked too, meaning no cold spots and a fully working system after laying dormant over the summer months.

Garden Furniture

If you haven’t already cleaned and packed your garden furniture away, it’s time to do that now. Tackle your BBQ and garden furniture, throw away anything that won’t last until next year and cover or store everything until spring comes around and we’re able to get outside and enjoy our gardens more often again.