As anyone trying to get onto the property ladder will tell you, we’re living in tough times. It can be difficult to find trustworthy estate agents in Camberley. Perhaps Brexit is to blame? Possibly, all we know is that in England, home ownership has fallen to its lowest level in 30 years.

In the early years of the 2000’s home ownership levels began to rise thanks to the ‘no deposit mortgages’ available. With the average cost of UK properties growing at 20% a year it was only a matter of time before things went out of hand.

The average price for a UK household in February was £196,930, which is a 60% increase in 13 years. Private renting has more than trebled in some parts of the UK; for example Manchester where the figure was 6% in 2003 and rose to 20% in 2015. Is this a lifestyle choice, or is this because people find it near impossible to get onto the property ladder?

Generation Rent

Some people have been describing generation Y (also known as Millennials) as ‘generation rent’. One of the factors here is the ‘living wage’. According to the living wage is £8.25 an hour, whereas the minimal wages are under that. This clearly makes saving to get on the property ladder difficult, but there is a more serious risk involved with being a part of ‘generation rent’. Renting by its very nature is dependent on the landlord. Many express concerns on how they will fund their housing costs during retirement, possibly having to seek out benefits in order to fund living costs. Higher and higher housing/renting costs and wages not rising are cause people to struggle with housing.

Even Jeremy Corbyn in his speech on the 4th August 2016 complained that young people cannot own their own home, also complained about those paid under the living wage and those on zero hour contracts. Perhaps these will change in the future, but this is the reality now.

What Can Be Done?

It is very easy to get wrapped up in doom and gloom. You’d be forgiven for having a moment of weakness and wanting to give up, but don’t give up just yet. We can help.

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