With remote working becoming a common feature for many people, the standard of broadband connectivity in people’s homes will become even more important. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic started, the way we live our lives has become heavily reliant on being connected to the internet.

Work, shopping, socialising, staying in touch with others and watching films or TV shows all require reliable broadband connectivity. With recent studies by Zoopla and Rightmove suggesting buyers are placing broadband connectivity as a priority when it comes to finding their next home, it is important vendors consider the impact of broadband speeds when selling their home.

Where is broadband reliable in Peterborough?

The House of Commons Library has provided estimated figures of average download speeds for individual areas within each parliamentary constituency across the UK. The average speed in the UK is 60.9 megabits per second, and the fastest area in Peterborough significantly outstrips this return.

Paston recorded an average download speed of 85.6 megabits per second. Not all areas of Peterborough were as blessed with a high average speed though, with Maxey, Northborough and Glinton all recording an average speed of 48.3 megabits per second.

Of course, with the Government classing speeds of at least 30 megabits per second as “superfast”, all these areas in Peterborough can legitimately claim to offer superfast downloads. Earlier in 2020, the Government revealed plans to provide a £5 billion investment fund to provide faster broadband in areas that experience poor connectivity.

Internet connectivity was also considered

The House of Commons Library analysis looked at a range of measurements, including the availability of internet.

For Paston, 100% of premises were capable of benefiting from superfast download speeds in January 2020, regardless of whether the service was being used or not.

All premises were able to receive download speeds of 10 megabits per second, or 1 megabits per second for uploads. This is the minimum requirement for “decent broadband” according to Ofcom.

In Moxley, Northborough and Glinton, 1% of premises weren’t able to receive a “decent” service, while 93% of households were able to access superfast download speeds.

Andrew Ferguson is the Editor of Think Broadband, and while he is pleased to see improvements in the market, he has warned some people might need not see any improvements until 2025. Andrew said; “With the pandemic highlighting how key broadband is for a functioning society, the need to address those worst-off broadband-wise has never been clearer.”

An Ofcom spokesman said: “More than nine in 10 UK households can now get superfast broadband, but some areas still struggle for a decent connection. Since March, anyone who is unable to get a decent broadband service has the legal right to request one.”

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