Viewing a Property – How Do You Know When You’ve Found ‘The One’?

Much like choosing a wedding dress, choosing your ‘forever home’ is a huge decision and one you’ll spend an awful lot of time deliberating. But how do you know when you’ve found ‘the one’? Here’s a few ways to help you work out if the property you’re viewing is the one for you.

Does it meet your criteria?

We all have a list of basic requirements we want our new home to meet. Whether that’s three bedrooms, a large garden, office space, off-road parking or close proximity to the local train station. If it doesn’t tick all of your non-negotiable boxes, it isn’t the home for you.

Can you afford it?

There’s no denying that buying a property is expensive, however can you really afford to purchase a property that doesn’t fall within your price range? If there’s no wiggle room on the price, you need to move on to a property better suited to your budget.

Do you see a future for yourself at the property?

When you’re standing in the kitchen can you see yourself preparing a meal for your family and friends? Do you see yourself waking up in that master bedroom? Can you imagine your future right there, whatever shape it might take, kids, pets, coming home after travelling? If the answer is yes, this could well be the property for you.

Is it all you can talk about?

Do you find yourself talking about the property as if you already live there? Or perhaps you’re driving your friends and family crazy talking about it all the time. If you can’t get it out of your head it’s likely you’ve found ‘the one’.

Nothing else seems to compare.

Do you feel like no other property will come close to your favourite? Like there’s no need to look at anything else? If you really don’t feel like you need to keep looking at other properties, you’re done. You’ve found your home.

Do you keep driving by?

Find yourself pulling up outside having another peek? Imagining yourself inside or mowing the lawn on a sunny day, chatting to the neighbours or walking to the local shops. If you constantly find yourself pulled in the direction of ‘the one’, you know what to do – make the offer.