How to Make a House Feel Like Home When You Rent


It’s widely believed that without owning your own property, you can’t ever really make it feel like home. And while there are of course clauses within your tenancy agreement which prevent you from making structural alterations to the property you’re renting, there’s no reason you can’t put your own stamp on it in other ways, as long as you return it in the same condition in which it was rented to you.

Your landlord wants you to be comfortable in the property and rent it for as long as possible, so of course they will be willing to consider any suggestions you may have. Happy tenant, happy landlord after all! Just remember to make sure you get any changes you wish to make approved in writing and you’re good to go.

If you’re lacking in inspiration, we suggest you take a look at these great instagram renter accounts:

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How I Rent showcases the homes of renters who decorate, with regular video home tours and renter friendly advice on how to make your rental property feel more ‘you’.


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Mallory from Reserve Home gets regular compliments on her ‘huge’ apartment, little do commenters know it’s her clever use of mirrors that create the illusion of space in her tiny Brooklyn apartment.


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We all love a before and after and Chelsea from Oh So Mint not only obliges on that front, but offers some great tips for renters too.


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Established interiors blogger Victoria from Apartment Number 4 effortlessly demonstrates how to put your stamp on your rental property and offers some great tips for decorating over on her blog.

Feeling inspired? We hope so.