The How to Wow Factor – a little imagination and your property can maximise its appeal to potential buyers or tenants

The Personal Touch

Imagine you are the prospective tenant or buyer. Remember that first impressions always count so clean the front door and outside windows and sills.  It costs very little to give the door and window sills a lick of paint – it’s worth the effort.  Flaking paint and cobwebby, grimy doors and porches are very off-putting.  Pull out weeds, clear up litter as this will take very little time but can make an enormous difference to your property’s appeal.  And if you have a front gate, make sure it opens and closes. A pretty plant pot with flowers near the doorstep gives a welcoming cared for touch.

Name signs and numbers

Spruce up your number, name sign, door knocker and letter box – make sure everything is positively gleaming.

Maintenance issues

When you walk in you will expect clean rooms, furnishings and an air of freshness.  Take your viewers to the best room with the wow factor first.  Make sure that the whole house is bright and clean including the floors; a carpet shampoo can work wonders and don’t forget the corners. Ensure that any maintenance issues have been dealt with especially damp and leaks; these are a big concern to many people.  Be prepared to show prospective buyers and tenants the utilities and white goods if you have them, demonstrate how they operate and give a general idea of running costs.  Make sure everything is in good order prior to putting your property on the market and you can then be confident that the plumbing, gas, electricity, oil etc., are working efficiently.  And viewers can be reassured that they can move in to a hassle-free home. Don’t forget to take your prospective tenants back to the best room in the house after showing them around so they leave with a good feeling.

Space and Light – De-clutter

De-clutter sheds, gardens, attics and cupboards as this will help to give an impression of light and space.  Clutter to you can look like rubbish to others so make sure that the focus is on the house and garden and nothing hides its good points. Put the lights on to brighten the room – making sure of course that there are no broken bulbs or dirty lampshades.  Make sure any stray cobwebs are swept away from corners and ceilings and other places where they might lurk! 

Lasting thoughts

Start and finish with the best room of the house.  The first impression coupled with a reminder of the room with the wow factor will leave positive thoughts in the minds of your viewers.  Job done!