The problem is you’ve got all these agents to choose from to sell your home. But aren’t they all the same?

Haven’t they all got access to the same property portals to market your home on?

And apparently 93% of properties are now being sold via an online advert so what’s the difference?

And don’t estate agents always waste your time with applicants that aren’t really interested or not able to buy?

You’ve got your online agents now, offering attractive fixed fees (which you pay upfront whether they sell it or not)  and your high streets agents charging high percentages it’s so hard to know which one to choose?

So what’s the solution?

Why not use an agent that works with every other agent to get your home sold.

That makes sense, doesn’t it?

We have friendly agents based all over the country

Using our 7 step solution we can get you property sold quickly and efficiently.

Step 1. Our local professional property consultant will visit you at home to value your property.

Step 2. Then we’ll design a specific marketing plan just for you

Step 3. You will tell us what’s great about your property and using this and some fancy pictures we’ll put all the details together.

Step 4. We’ll add this to our central database so that all our agents can see what’s on offer and find you a buyer. We’ll also automagically send this to every matching applicant.

Step 5. Your property will be sent to all the major portals so all the world can see how lovely it is.

Step 6. We’ll add a little secret magic into the mix (ask us, no one can keep a secret!)

Step 7. We’ll pre qualify all of the potential buyers before bringing them around and showing them your home! (yes we’ll bring them 100% of them all of time)

Step 8. We’ll negotiate offers and help you through the process to get the property sold! (I thought you said 7 steps?)

Now that is good!

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